Effortless connection for everyone

We’re building a future ready Full Fibre infrastructure for thriving towns across the UK. .

Seamless connectivity

It’s simple and clear. We connect homes and businesses effortlessly to the internet, at the speed they want.

At Zzoomm, we are aware of the societal demands and expectations of receiving seamless connectivity, which has been accelerated in recent years. It is our mission to transform market towns across the UK who have been at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to gaining access to a network that provides fast and reliable Full Fibre.

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Future Zzoomm properties

Regional offices

To support our mission, we currently have over 400 people working in the business which is growing in number day by day. A large proportion of our workforce are recruited within the community we are building in, allowing us to deliver an outstanding customer focused service with a local touch.

Zzoomm Towns

We work closely with local authorities to deliver the Full Fibre benefit to homes and businesses across each local area, whilst working with the highways department to co-ordinate with other road users for minimal disruption.

By fully owning and operating our infrastructure, we are able to build a Full Fibre network that sets itself apart from traditional providers.