Creating a future with sustainability in mind

A forward thinking company is embedded in who we are and where we want to be. Our Environmental, Social and Governance framework is governed by an independent board and experienced senior leadership team. We are committed to reduce impact on the environment across our business and support our teams and communities in doing so.


We’re doing more to protect our environment

  • Fibre has been shown to use 20-30% less energy than traditional copper-based networks.
  • We use green energy suppliers where possible for both our network and our office locations Often, they include initiatives for reducing grid electric use, mains water consumption, printed paper consumption and overall waste reduction
  • The Zzoomm teams have adopted hybrid working so we don’t need to travel to be together, reducing our overall carbon footprint
  • Every Zzoomm location has access to recycling facilities. Our general waste is handled by local waste management companies, who typically dispose of this with 100% diversion from landfill by creating energy from biomass
  • We minimise waste with our supply chain by asking for recyclable materials, less packaging and encouraging re-use of materials where possible
  • We support the shift towards a more flexible, remote working policy. A flexible workforce is foundational to building a team that is both diverse and inclusive.
  • Our marketing team are planet positive printers. Across print material, our printing partners have taken ownership to offset 110% of their supply chain through FSC certified paper,  alcohol free printing processes, waterless offset printing with LED dryers and zero waste to landfill. 

We fully support the Governments commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Social responsibilities

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