Delivering a step change in people and culture

It’s the culture we’re building that allows us to attract talent from all backgrounds to innovate and evolve our network and the communities we serve.

Social promise

Delivering a step change in people and culture was one of our first priorities when launching in 2018. We recognise that driving a positive culture and engagement of our Zzoommers is key to building a sustainable business.  We know that we must get it right for our colleagues, so that they are enabled to deliver the exceptional experiences that our customers expect every day.

From the way we make sure our people are treated fairly and with respect, to building a futureproofed infrastructure that helps homes, businesses and communities effortlessly connect connect, we’re focussing on the things that really matter.


  • We know our teams come from different backgrounds and cultures and are of all ages, abilities and genders. We strive to make everyone feel welcome, accepted and able to reach their full potential


  • Everyone is different, everyone is welcome. We provide a set of policies and benefits that support physical and mental wellbeing


  • We have trained 16 trusted staff members in becoming Mental Health First Aiders to support our mental wellbeing across our UK sites


  • We have inclusive policies in place to ensure we act fairly, provide equality and avoid unlawful discrimination in all aspects of employment at Zzoomm


  • We have Regional Directors in each region of our network expansion which gives local teams the power to do everything they can from a local hub which means more flexibility and faster, more efficient ways of working.


  • We transform the opportunity for the community by deploying a future-ready Full Fibre network to every property in the community covering all aspects of society and businesses


  • Our network is able to be expanded as the community grows and population changes, ensuring everyone is connected


  • We are proud to be bronze members of the Armed Forces Covenant scheme alongside Buildforce, which helps people transition from the military to the construction sector ​


  • We engage frequently and openly with local councils, parishes and residents to ensure we are working to benefit the community


  • We work with local schools, colleges and universities to educate and build digital skills through

Environmental responsibilities

Zzoomm governance