Innovative, multi-gigabit technology

We are single-minded in delivering a high-performance, resilient, and secure network from design, architecture, build and operation.

Our XGS-PON and point-to-point Full Fibre services deliver each user up to a 10Gbps symmetric service during peak usage with heavy traffic demands.

Designed for high performance

Our network is designed to handle peak usage high-demand traffic and consistently delivers a highly stable network performance of sub 4ms latency with service availability over 99.99%.

Dimensioned and scaled for multi-gigabit services, our agile approach to network capacity allows us to proactively identify and upgrade in advance of demand.

Customer network experience is monitored in real-time and in-home experience is delivered through best-in-class Wi-Fi optimised by end-to-end real time network and in-home Wi-Fi monitoring solutions for a truly first-class experience.

Built for resilience

Built with cutting-edge equipment across two data centre locations with a 100Gbps resilient core connectivity that can operate independently of each other, supporting cabinets in a ring topology that offer active and redundant connectivity – the Zzoomm network is built to be resilient and reliable.

All network components are configured with battery back-up and auto-failover, with sub-second reconvergence to ensure a greater than 99.99% service availability.

August 2021

Programmed for security

We prioritise security on our hardware, middleware and software-layers with real-time security analysis and penetration tests; ensuring that our minimum standard is to comply with industry security practices.

Our tools allow us to identify and actively mitigate security threats that could impact our infrastructure and customers in real time.

Tested for the future

We have invested heavily in our test centre to thoroughly evaluate every element of Zzoomm technology; consistently delivering a first-class broadband service for our customers, now and in the future.

Working with our Partners, we demand the very best to ensure we’re at the forefront of connectivity infrastructure.

Our Hardware partners