Our Chief Executive, Matthew Hare, has ultimate accountability for driving our clear vision of ESG at Zzoomm. We have an experienced Senior Leadership Team who share responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the business, in addition to compliance with Zzoomm policies and regulations to help drive change and a more sustainable future of the industry we’re in.


  • Our Senior Leadership Team prioritise the health and safety of Zzoommers by prioritising performance targets, investigations and health & safety checks to proactively handle situations that arise on a weekly basis


  • We enforce compliance with laws and policies by making sure we train our teams via the Zzoomm Academy which is supported by our open culture to learn and grow


  • We take a rigorous approach to health and safety, with safe systems of work and policies to ensure all teams stay safe at work


  • We have IT security systems in place that help our team do a great job every day, whilst remaining compliant and protecting our people and data.


  • We have clear division of responsibilities internally that increase control and mitigate risk


  • We report key measures openly and continuously across the business, of which we’re externally audited with board level oversight


  • We follow Construction, Management and Design Regulations (CDM) 2015 and with Principal Designer and Principal Contractor obligations


  • Personal data is handled with care and in line with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidelines


  • We enforce human rights in our supply chains through contractual conditions that exclude modern slavery, child labour and ensure fair wages and good, safe working conditions for all.

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