Standing the test of time

It’s our mission to connect homes, schools, businesses and shops – big and small – to the most advanced and reliable broadband ever.

Growth ambitions

Although many homes and businesses benefit from a choice of broadband connections, which deliver superfast or higher speeds, there are large areas of England where faster services are not available yet. Zzoomm has identified an addressable market of 4.5 million homes located in UK market towns with well over 100 potential areas identified. We remain committed to investing in these areas first and delivering access to Full Fibre broadband given the importance of connectivity in an increasing digital society.

Now in our third year of operating, we are ramping up our roll out programme and plan to provide our network to over 80,000 homes and businesses by the end of 2022. It’s clear that customer growth is driven by our offering of unparalleled speeds, underpinned by fair pricing and a best in class customer service offering

Technology driven

Our network is designed to handle peak usage high-demand traffic with ease. A highly stable connection is imperative in today’s hyper-connected world; we are proud to have consistently delivered a network performance of sub 4m/s latency with service availability over 99.99%.

Dimensioned and scaled for multi-gigabit services, our agile approach to network capacity allows us to proactively identify and upgrade in advance of demand.

Customers receive benefits from best-in-class Wi-Fi optimised by end-to-end real time network and in-home Wi-Fi monitoring solutions for a truly first-class experience.

Passionate teams

We currently have over 400 passionate people who work for Zzoomm, growing in number day by day. A large proportion of our workforce are recruited within the community we are building in, allowing us to deliver an outstanding customer focused service with a local touch.

To allow us to recruit the very best, we support the shift towards flexible hyrbrid working. We believe a flexible workforce is foundational to building a successful team that is both diverse and inclusive.