Zzoomm sees 10% take up in Penistone just 1 month after launching

Zzoomm, the Full Fibre broadband provider, has achieved 10% take-up of their Full Fibre broadband in Penistone (Yorkshire) since launching in March 2024; continuing to prove adept at winning market share in the areas it operates. With a strong presence in the surrounding county of Yorkshire, homes and businesses in Penistone can now access a […]

Zzoomm hit 25,000 customers

Zzoomm Full Fibre broadband announced achieving their next significant milestone of 25,000 customers last week. Grace, Zzoomm’s latest customer said: “We’re loving our new Zzoomm broadband, and I never knew you could love broadband! It’s just taken away that frustration – that we got used to – with our old broadband; the sluggish feel and […]

Zzoomm reaches 20,000 customers

18 December 2023 20,000 customers across the UK are now part of the gigafast-capable Full Fibre broadband network, Zzoomm. This latest milestone is another positive step in a year that has seen Zzoomm pass 150,000 ready for service properties in June, and now double it’s customers in 6-months. Zzoomm is proving itself adept at driving […]

1 in 3 in Henley-on-Thames are Zzoomming

13 October 2023 Zzoomm, the Full Fibre broadband provider has today announced that broadband take-up in Henley-on-Thames – the first town to have access to Zzoomm’s Full Fibre network – has recently hit 1 in 3 and growing. Completed in December 2020, Henley continues to see consistent numbers of customers join every month; moving away […]

Zzoomm passes 150,000 Ready For Service Homes and Businesses

Zzoomm passes 150,000 Ready For Service Properties

29 June 2023 Zzoomm’s gigafast Full Fibre broadband network has passed 150,000 ready for service properties across 29 locations in their latest milestone. Passing 150,000 premises comes after news in February that they reached 100,000 homes in a record year for Zzoomm. Zzoomm are proud to say that each property can receive a next day […]

Zzoomm’s roll out and customer growth momentum building

Zzoomm 2020 Financial results

27 June 2023  Infrastructure and financial resources in place to support rapid organic and acquisitive growth Zzoomm, an established and rapidly growing Full Fibre operator, has published its results for the year to 31 December 2022.  Highlights  Matthew Hare, CEO Zzoomm commented: “Now in our fourth year, demand for our Full Fibre across the market […]

Zzoomm announce first connected customers in Richmond, Yorkshire

24 May 2023 Zzoomm, the challenger Full Fibre broadband provider – has announced the connection of their first customer in Richmond, Yorkshire. Commenting on the latest updates from Zzoomm, Zzoomm’s Chief Commercial Officer Chris Collinson said: “I’m delighted residents and businesses in Richmond will benefit from our investment in gigafast, future-ready Full Fibre broadband.  We […]

Zzoomm celebrates reaching 10,000 customers

Zzoomm celebrates 10000th customer

13 March 2023 Zzoomm, the rapidly growing full fibre operator has recently welcomed its 10,000th customer to its gigafast, Full Fibre network. Zzoomm have been making notable advances recently after passing 100,000 ready for service properties, achieving a record-breaking month of 1,500+ orders in January and launching a new attractively priced range of plans with […]

Zzoomm launch new plans to make Gigabit speeds even more accessible

16 February 2023  Zzoomm have today announced new plans with new prices to help consumers tackle rising costs. The new plans start at sub-£30 and rule out mid-contract price rises, giving consumers peace of mind that the price they see is the price they will pay with no nasty mid-contract price hikes.  The new plans […]

Zzoomm offers service to over 100,000 homes and businesses

1 February 2023.     Zzoomm, the rapidly growing full fibre operator, has passed 100,000 ready for service properties across 29 locations in its latest milestone. Each property can receive a next day installation subject to availability.   Matthew Hare, CEO Zzoomm commented: “In just over 12 months we have launched in 27 new communities.  I’m delighted that […]