Equal Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We want to build and operate networks for everyone. To do that well, we need a workforce that

is representative of the customers we serve.

Zzoomm complies with the Equality Act 2010 and are committed to promoting equal opportunities in employment. All candidates, agency workers, contractors and employees receive equal treatment regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, nationality, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, also known as Protected Characteristics. As well as ensuring we work within the Act, we are also committed to recognising the benefits of a diverse workforce and encouraging an inclusive working environment.


Zzoomm does not tolerate discrimination or harassment within the workplace, including current and former employees, job applicants, clients, customers, suppliers and visitors. This applies in the workplace, outside the workplace (when dealing with customers, suppliers or other work-related contacts), and on work-related trips or events including work social events.

The following forms of discrimination are unlawful and prohibited under this policy:

  • Direct discrimination: treating someone less favourably because of a Protected Characteristic.
  • Indirect discrimination: a provision, criterion or practice that applies to everyone but adversely affects people with a particular Protected Characteristic more than others and is not justified.
  • Bullying: offensive or intimidating behaviour, or an abuse or misuse of power, which undermines or humiliates an employee and/or makes them feel frightened or threatened.
  • Harassment: as with Bullying, the person may feel emotions such as, humiliation, offended, frightened or threatened. Harassment includes any unwanted behaviour against a protected characteristic that violates the person’s dignity, whether it was intended or not and/or creates a hostile environment for the person, whether intended or not.
  • Victimisation: retaliation against someone who has complained or has supported someone else’s complaint about discrimination or harassment.
  • Disability discrimination: this includes direct and indirect discrimination, any unjustified less favourable treatment because of the effects of a disability, and failure to make reasonable adjustments to alleviate disadvantages caused by a disability. This policy does not form part of any employee’s contract of employment and we may amend it at any time.

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This policy sets out our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace with the avoidance of discrimination. It applies to all aspects of employment with us, including recruitment, pay and conditions, training, performance reviews, promotion, conduct at work, disciplinary and grievance procedures, and termination of employment.

This policy supports the attraction of diverse, talented individuals, with the intention of making Zzoomm a better place to work. Creating an inclusive culture will support talent retention and development, encourage collaborative decision making and improve engagement and employee performance.


Diversity is about recognising the differences amongst people. It is acknowledging the benefit of having a workforce that is representative of the local population and one that reflects the organisation’s customers. A diverse team brings an additional range of perspectives and experiences that can support and enable differing views during decision-making.

We encourage diversity at all stages of the employment lifecycle, with decisions concerning candidates and employees being based on merit, performance and potential. We identify, develop and promote individuals from all backgrounds to ensure a pipeline of diverse candidates across teams and levels.

We monitor the make-up of our workforce using information such as age, gender, ethnic background, nationality, religion and disability through our HR central information system and records to understand diversity across the business.


Building an inclusive workplace culture enables individuals to feel valued and aims to allow everyone to feel that they belong, that their contributions matter, and that individuals can perform to their full potential, no matter their background, identity or circumstances.

We are committed to offering and delivering training to employees and line managers to increase levels of equality, diversity and inclusion awareness through our inhouse training courses and workshops.

We will encourage inclusive behaviours through:

• Training leaders to embrace an open culture with communication based on open dialogue and active listening

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  • Promoting the Diversity & Inclusion Group Zzoomm (DIGZ) committee as a forum to develop inclusive ideas and initiatives
  • Including Equality, Diversity & Inclusion awareness and expectations during the induction phase of employment, with reminders during recognised annual events, such as National Inclusion Week.


Inclusion is about how we relate to and work with others in the business. This means that inclusion not only impacts everyone in their role, but that it is everyone’s responsibility to act in an inclusive way.

Creating a diverse and inclusive environment is important to Zzoomm and we welcome individuals from all walks of life.

Our leaders are required to role-model inclusive behaviour, with all employees demonstrating the inclusive behaviours listed below:

  • Employees are required to always treat others with dignity and respect
  • To demonstrate self-awareness in how to relate to others, ensuring everyone has a sense of belonging in the team and company
  • To champion inclusion, through a willingness to challenge behaviours that may exclude individuals (whether knowingly or unknowingly)


We take a strict approach to breaches of this policy, which will be dealt with in accordance with our Disciplinary Procedure. Cases of deliberate discrimination or harassment may amount to gross misconduct resulting in dismissal.

If you believe that you have suffered discrimination or harassment you can raise the matter through our Grievance Procedure. Complaints will be treated in confidence and investigated as appropriate.

You must not be victimised or retaliated against for complaining about discrimination. However, making a false allegation deliberately will be treated as misconduct and dealt with under our Disciplinary Procedure.