Zzoomm announce first connected customers in Chapeltown (Sheffield), Yorkshire

18 October 2023. Zzoomm, the Full Fibre broadband provider have announced the connection of their first customer in Chapeltown (Sheffield), South Yorkshire.

Nicola, Zzoomm’s first resident to go live with Zzoomm said:

“We have lived at our property for 6 years. We have been extremely limited with our internet constantly dropping out or not working at all. We have had numerous devices & Engineers from our current provider but unfortunately, problems persisted.

When I initially saw Zzoomm Engineers outside our property & went over to ask questions in the hope it may be Full Fibre being installed, I was delighted to hear I was correct. Hopefully, I will now be able to work from home more efficiently, be able to watch a film without having to turn it off in frustration of buffering and most of all, my son will now be able to play his PlayStation without being upset that it’s dropped out or constantly lagging through his football games.”

Echoing the demand for better broadband in Chapeltown, Chris Collinson, Zzoomm’s Chief Commercial Officer said,

“Welcome Nicola, we hope you and your family enjoy Zzoomming!

“We’re delighted to have seen such a positive response from residents to our bold brand and we are already seeing many of them sign up to our excellent Full Fibre service.

“We look forward to installing these new Zzoommers in the coming weeks and welcoming many more from Chapeltown as we progress the build.”

The rollout in Chapeltown includes 11,000 premises and will be completed by March 2024, adding to Zzoomm’s growing network of Full Fibre towns across Yorkshire.