Zzoomm announces Cannock to receive fast and reliable Full Fibre broadband service.

• Work starts for over 37,000 homes and businesses in Cannock that soon will be able to experience the Zzoomm’s fast and reliable Full Fibre broadband.
• Zzoomm provides speeds with up to 33x faster than major broadband providers.
• More than 100 jobs will be created in civils, construction and administration within Cannock.
• With services starting from £29, Zzoomm are passionate about providing Full Fibre broadband that’s accessible to everyone.

18th May 2021, Zzoomm, the 100% Full Fibre broadband network, has announced that construction will start this summer in Cannock. Building on the success of their Full Fibre broadband network completion in Henley-on-Thames in 2020, Zzoomm champions Cannock to join Hereford, Ascot and Thirsk to receive fabulous Full Fibre broadband to the 37,000 homes and businesses in the town.

Since March 2020, working from home has rocketed by an average of 47%*, highlighting the critical need for fast, reliable Full Fibre broadband. It’s not just working from home that has increased, the UK saw internet usage rise as we stayed at home. Group Facetimes and Zooms, broadcasting live sports, online gaming, setting up online businesses and 4K UHD streaming are just a few factors driving this change. With digitally led lifestyles continuing to expand, the need for an uncompromising fast and reliable broadband connection is vital.

Cannock has always been a strategically important town, first, as a well established construction hub as well as a growing scientific industry to power the UK business development.

Zzoomm will begin construction in 2021, with the new Full Fibre network planned to reach over 37,000 homes and businesses. Zzoomm will set up a local operation to deliver this new network. The construction is set to provide career opportunities to more than 100 people in the civils, construction and administration, a welcome boost for the area. Zzoomm’s new Full Fibre services will provide Cannock with a new faster network. Home users can choose download speeds of between 100 and 2000Mbps, up to 33x faster than traditional broadband offerings. Businesses can choose download speeds of up to 10,000Mbps.

With prices starting from £29pm for 100Mbps, Zzoomm are passionate about building a
network that is accessible to everyone. There are no installation or connection fees, so
switching up to better broadband is quick, simple and straightforward. Zzoomm’s
services come with 24/7 UK customer service and great Wi-Fi..

Matthew Hare, Zzoomm’s Chief Executive said,
“The construction of our brilliant fast network in Cannock is a watershed. For the first time, homes and businesses in Cannock will have a choice of network. And what a choice: brilliant Full Fibre for fast, reliable broadband at home and at work. We cannot wait to bring our Zzoomm service to the residents and business owners in Cannock who have had to endure slow and unreliable connections and questionable customer service for too long.

“Lockdown has accelerated the move to more flexible working arrangements. It has boosted our demand for online entertainment and distance learning. Zzoomm’s new Full Fibre network delivers for residents and businesses. Our network will help catapult Cannock into the forefront of the best connected towns in the North, the UK and the world.”

The network has already proven its success after one year of launching in Henley-on Thames, Oxfordshire. Owner of exclusive members club and historical landmark of the town, Phyllis Court said,

“Zzoomm has provided the highest levels of customer service and usability. Overall, it’s a big thumbs up from all the staff and our valued customers who are already using the new Full Fibre connection. They are very happy with the speeds and the reliability.”

Cannock residents from homes and businesses who would like to find out more information about Zzoomm Full Fibre Broadband can simply enter their postcode at: zzoomm.com/get-zzoomm/ where they will be able to register their interest as the network build takes place.

Zzoomm plc.
Joshua Greedy, Head of Marketing
Tel: 07732 693604
Email: josh.greedy@zzoomm.com

Note to editors:
About Zzoomm PLC (Zzoomm / Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram / YouTube)

Zzoomm was founded in December 2018 by experienced fibre network entrepreneur Matthew Hare OBE. Matthew previously founded ultrafast rural fibre broadband provider Gigaclear in 2010, which was acquired by Infracapital in 2018 for £270 million.

Zzoomm is expanding this Full Fibre service to towns and suburbs nationally with ambitions to pass 1 million properties over the next five years. Zzoomm completed the build of its first town Henley-on Thames in 2020, started build in Hereford in early 2021 and has announced the start of construction in Thirsk and Ascot.

Full Fibre networks run fibre cables directly into each home and business they serve. Zzoomm’s Full Fibre broadband service is based on XGS-PON, working with Adtran to provide next-generation multi-gigabit speeds of up to 10Gbps (10,000Mbps). Zzoomm’s services start at £29 per month including VAT for 100Mbps home broadband. Business services start at £39 per month ex VAT. Zzoomm also delivers Enterprise services over dedicated fibre connections for larger businesses.

*Source from Cook, D 2021. How The Pandemic has Shaped the Workplace. [Online]. [7 May 2021].
Available from: https://thesmartmoneyreport.com/2021/01/05/how-the-pandemic-will-shapethe-workplace-trends-of-2021/